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    Pressure Relief Airplane Plugs

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    Going on holiday is fun, suffering on a flight with painful ear pressure is not. If you suffer on take off, landing and during turbulence then these tiny yet fabulous pressure relief airplane plugs will allow your ears to ‘breathe’ and not block and build pressure.

    The dual dome structure creates a strong seal and the comfort design means your ears are not irritated during the flight. Simply insert, lie back and relax!


    Reduces pressure during take off, landing and times of turbulence

    Reduces background noise, especially snoring

    Dual dome structure creates a strong seal to prevent slipping

    Protects hearing during long journeys

    Comfort fit puts no pressure inside or on ears

    Designed to be comfortable when sleeping

    Moulds to your ear shape with body heat

    Simply rinse under warm water to clean


    1 x Pressure Relief Airplane Plugs

    Pressure Relief Airplane Plugs

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