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    Swimerz Soft Shad 100Mm Paddle Tail Lure 6 Pack

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    Soft plastics offer many advantages over hard bodied lures that don’t have the soft texture of real food. When a fish strikes a soft plastic bait it feels natural so fish will mouth it longer giving the fisher extra time to set the hook. The added metal flakes in Swimerz Soft Shad's give realistic features to these lures, replicating the scales of baitfish, and the added fish oil coating gives them that alluring odour of a potential dinner. Fish them in the river, jig them offshore, or throw them from a beach.

    Swimerz Soft Shad paddle tail lures are an excellent all-rounder. While not offering the degree of tail action that curly tail lures do, they still offer plenty of tail action at a wide range of retrieve speeds – whether a Burn/quick retrieve, Slow Roll or Hopping/slowed right down to a series of hops and pauses. Most predatory species, and in particular mulloway, bream and flathead, will often grab a soft plastic as it sinks.

    Swimerz Soft Shads also have the added benefit of a split belly to enable the easy placement of jigs and to hold additional gel scents when needed.


    Quantity: 6 Pack

    Size: 100 Mm

    Available Colours: Red Bug, Electric Blue, Chartreuse, Green Pumpkin, Blue Gold Fleck, Witchetty Grub


    6 x Pack Swimerz Soft Shad 100Mm Paddle Tail Lure

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    Swimerz Soft Shad 100Mm Paddle Tail Lure 6 Pack

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