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    Shamballa Bracelet

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    Shamballa bracelets are very popular at the moment worn by all sorts of people around the world and even the odd A-List Celeb!

    They are carefully made with specially tied knots which hold gems in place. The colour gem you choose represents a healing or spiritual colour.

    Black: Strength, Power

    Blue: Communication and Creativity

    Red: Passion and Sensuality

    Yellow: Will Power and Optimism

    Green: Peace and Harmony

    Purple: Bliss

    White: Clarity and Purity

    Sparkler, Confetti, Spring, Barbie, Disco Blues, Light Pink

    Choose the shamballa bracelet which best reflects your mood or wishes, or buy for a friend who needs a little encouragement or support.


    High Grade Crystal Balls

    Several colours to choose from

    Adjusts to Most Wrist Sizes 18-25cm)

    Unisex Design


    1 x Shamballa Bracelet

    Shamballa Bracelet

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