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    Be Amazing Lab in a Bag - Newton's Antics

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    Explore the science of force and motion as you amaze your friends with more than a dozen science tricks. The secret science behind each activity rests on the discoveries of Sir Isaac Newton. Who knew his experiments would make great party tricks? Balance six nails on the head of one nail, learn about rattle backs, and find out how to make a nut fall into a bottle without touching it and much more.


    These experiments and spectacles may seem like magic, but they aren't. Even better, they are science secrets! You'll uncover the mysteries of physics as you explore force and motion with these incredible 'science tricks.' Your friends will be amazed, and your friends will, too, at what you know, and what you can do. Using this kit, you'll learn to:

    Make an egg fall into a glass of water without breaking.

    Balance six nails on the head of a single nail.

    Learn the physics secret to getting a toy out of a cereal box (without digging).

    Make a penny spin inside a balloon.

    Learn to make that balloon scream.

    Turn potential energy into kinetic energy with the incredible bouncing 'popper.'


    1 x Be Amazing Lab in a Bag - Newton's Antics

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    Be Amazing Lab in a Bag - Newton's Antics

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